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The Enrichment Conference 
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Enrichment Conference

Mark A. Seals

Beloved Beulah, Kingdom Builders are dedicated to the proposition that Christian Growth and Maturity is mandatory for the child of God. We are preparing for you a glorious time of spiritual renewal at this year?s enrichment conference. The Enrichment Conference is always a meaningful part of our church anniversary celebration as we remember, reflect, and raise the praise for what God has done. But our time for enrichment prepares us for where God desires to take us.

The Beulah Enrichment Conference is scheduled for Friday November 17th and Saturday November 18th and will be facilitated by Dr. Sam Davis of the Beulah Grove Baptist Church of Augusta Georgia.

Register today [click here]

Friday will be a time of training and development for all facilitators and instructors in the department of Christian Education. Saturday will be open to all our members and friends to spend an incredible morning of Kingdom Building preparation in the area of spiritual maturity. More information will follow about registration for this event. This time of enrichment and spiritual growth, you just don?t want to miss!!