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The 2018 Ministry Action Plan 
By: PR / Marketing 
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2018 M.A.P. Implementation

Attention all ministries and organizations!!

All ministry leaders and organizational leaders were invited to attend the Fall Planning Council held on October 3, 2017. The M.A.P. team provided details on the newly adopted M.A.P. process. All ministries and organizations are requested to:

1. Submit their 2018 M.A.P. request form [click here for the form]

2. Submit their calendar requests for 2018 ministy activities [click here for the form]

Please note the following important M.A.P. deadlines.

* Submission of the M.A.P. request form - 10/31/2017
* Calendar Request submission for 2018 ministries activities - 12/9/2017

For M.A.P. details [click here]

The M.A.P. team