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Board of Directors Authorized Summer Camp 2019!

A few years ago, the board of directors suspended the operations of the church’s summer camp.  The suspension was due to the ever-increasing cost of operating the camp and the need to become compliant with the Safeguard Against Child Abuse (SACA) program and state regulations.

The biggest impact to making the camp financially successful, was the implementation of the SACA program.  The program required hiring additional staff to comply with its requirements.  While the camp met state requirements regarding the ratio of employees to camp participants, SACA exceeded the state requirements and the cost of complying contributed to making the camp financially unsound.

Considering the need to comply with SACA, making the camp financially sound, and adhering to state requirements, the board of directors decided to suspend camp operations until these matters were addressed.

During the suspension period, the church received numerous calls from the community to reconsider opening the camp again.  Because of the interest expressed by the community, the board decided to revisit its decision to suspend operations.

As a result of action taken by the board, all the aforementioned concerns have been addressed.  A alternative implementation plan for the SACA program will reduce the associated implementation cost while meeting the program’s requirements.  In addition, the board was successful in securing approval from the state to operate the camp.  The plans presented to the state also makes the camp participants eligible for the CAPS program targeting underprivileged children.  It is anticipated that the CAPS program will contribute to the financial success of the camp.

Based on the actions taken by the board of directors, a decision has been made to resume the operation of the summer camp in 2019.  Additional information will be provided as plans are finalized during the remainder of the year.

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