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List of Church Organizations
Candy Stripe Ministry: The Candy Stripe Ministry is a youth organization that provides support to the Children Church Ministry & the Nursery Ministry on Sundays. Support is also given to Beulah Ministries upon request. The concept is mirrored after the Candy Stripe Volunteer Program normally seen in a hospital setting. The purpose is to:

• Enhance the youth department
• Develop a sense of caring for others
• Promote health awareness and health education
• To assist with the identification of illness &/or injuries
Choir Presidents Council: To be Provided 
Christian Youth Basketball League: To be Provided 
Combined Usher Board Council: To be Provided 
Covenant Couples Ministry: The Covenant Couples Ministry places special emphasis on the covenant or agreement that is established between God and humankind. The Marriage Ministry is an important ministry of the church as it establishes and/or reinforces the foundation of healthy families by ministering to couples.

The mission of Covenant Couples is to ensure the success of relationships and marriages in various seasons of life by providing enrichment, prevention, intervention, and recovery principles. Covenant Couples endeavors to always reinforce the importance of love, prayer, communication, fun, laughter and being able to agree to disagree and still be in love; always remembering that one thing that attracted us to one another from the beginning.

Covenant couples endeavors to minister to the need of every couple through discussions and interactions of what is important to your relationship. We also endeavor to celebrate you by acknowledging birthdays/anniversaries/promotions, etc.

Planned Activities: Couples Retreats, Dinner Theatres, Bowling, Movie Night, Comedy Night, Horseback Riding, Golfing & Much, Much, More

Dance Ministry: Our purpose is to impart and administer Gods WORD through the Ministry of Dance. Throughout scripture, dance is linked to life, freedom, salvation and victory over the enemy. Dance is a tool used to convey that power of the WORD to bring salvation to the afflicted and freedom to those who were bound through the physical movements of worshiping and praising GOD humbly in spirit and in truth.


Our mission is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and the living WORD through movement. We are the WORD in MOTION.


Our goals are:

To know Gods purpose for dance in the church

To To have a good prayer life and be in the will of God

To strive to be spiritually minded in every aspect of our life

To ensure that dancers are spiritually, physically and mentally prepared for this ministry

To be humble, submissive and tactile in the Lords hands, as clay in a potters hands

To dwell on one accord and support one another spiritually 
Dance Ministry: To be Provided 
Deaconess Board: To be valuable supportive partners to the Deacon Board of Beulah Missionary Baptist Church and serve as a role model in our church and community. 
E. D. Thomas Male Chorus: The mission of the ministry is to uplift, worship, and minister through praise and song. 
Evangelism Ministry: Out of all gifts that one can give, the gift of salvation is by far the greatest. This ministry was established to facilitate the fulfillment of the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:18-20. 
First Family Aide Ministry: The First Family Aide Ministry comprises members charged to carry out the command found in 1 Thessalonians 5:12 & 13.

The objective is to aide the Pastor and the First Family of Beulah Missionary Baptist Church
FRESH Ministry: To be Provided 
Genie Jackson Circle: We are a dedicated group that exists to meet the spiritual, physical and financial needs of all sisters and brothers in the church and the community, nationally and internationally. 
Girl Scouts: To be provided 
Glenda J. Black Cancer Support Group: To encourage, support, and strengthen the bonds of friendship among all ministers wives and widows. Committed to serve, to enhance our lives by studying the Word of God, praying with and for one another, as well as our husbands, providing spiritual resources (i.e., workshops, seminars, reading materials, etc.), and address issues that are unique to ministers wives as it relates to the church, the marriage, and the family.
Glenda J. Black Minister's Wives and Widows Guild: To be Provided 
Golden Eagles: The Golden Eagles are composed of adults (55 years and older) who continue renewing themselves spiritually and aging with dignity. 
Health Resource Ministry: The Health Resource Ministry was established out of the necessity to minister to the whole person, physically, mentally and spiritually. To enhance and support established organizations and events to further meet the health needs of members of our church and community.


To focus on prevention and promote a healthy lifestyle among members of our church. To address health related issues within organizations, conferences and special events. To serve as a resource, referral and educational component of our church to help our members live life to the fullest and live it more abundantly.

Health Resource Ministry Goals:

Goal I.: To develop a resource directory listing members of our church currently working in a health and service related area and make it available to each member of the health resource ministry and to the Minister of Pastoral Care to minister to the needs of our congregation.

Goal 2: To provide health education information to members of our church body through our present printed media The Beulah Newsletter. Each year HRM members will address health issues based upon the National Monthly Health Observances that have the greatest impact among our people by submitting a monthly article to the Beulah Newsletter. Additionally the Health Resource Ministry utilizes the present freestanding receptacles to place appropriate pamphlets, brochures and flyers to keep members informed about current health issues and activities.

Goal 3: To increase health awareness within our church body through conferences, special events and organizations already in existence. Since activities such as health fairs, seminars etc. as stand alone activities have not been well attended in general previously, the Health Resource Ministry takes a more inclusive approach. Members of the Health Resource Ministry are assigned to work with conferences, special events, or organizations to identify health needs and coordinate activities within those groups to meet the health needs of the people. Some of the groups we have worked with to achieve this goal are the Family Life Conference, Counseling Ministry through the church counselor, Youth Department, Golden Eagles, Womens Ministry and Cancer Support Group.

It should be noted that the Health Resource Ministry falls under the guidance of the Activities Department. 
Homeless Street Ministry: The Homeless Street Ministry support and serves the members of the church, outside agencies (i.e. Children Home, and visit local nursing homes. The organization also provide spiritual and moral support to the homeless, including the teaching of God's word for spiritual growth in order to produce future ambassadors for the cause of Christ.

The Homeless Ministry members go out to serve the homeless every 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. 
InStep Ministry: Mission: To spread the word of God through dance and step, to minister to other youth, and to have fun while we are stepping our way to heaven.

It should be noted that the Instep Ministry falls under the guidance of the Activities Department. 
InSync Ministry: A Bible-based ministry of committed & convicted single members serving God through volunteering in the church and community. We are a Holy Ghost filled Ministry for ages 18 - Senior, focusing on life after divorce, separation, breakup, widowed, engaged and never married.

Singles becoming "souled out" to the Holy Spirit as He:
* Breaks Yokes
* Strengthens & Fills us with Patience
* Tests our faith
* Uses us to witness in the home, church, community & on our jobs

* Missions (Local Nursing Homes, Children's Shelters, Others)
* Movie Night, Productions,Bowling, Quarterly Birthday Celebrations, etc
* Other Fun-Filled Fellowships
Intercessory Prayer Ministry: To petition God for the needs and desires of others. We are called to stand in the gap between the problem and the solution. We pray on behalf of those in the world who may be going through the many problems encounter in life. 
James Freeman Usher Board: The purpose of the James Freeman Usher Board is to serve, as "Door Keepers" in the house of the Lord on the first Sunday of the month and on any given occasion as directed.

WE support the total program of the Church, morally, spiritually, and financially. 
Jerry D. Black Sr. Choir: To glorify god through music: To proclaim the message of salvation with music, and to compliment the ministry of the spoken word. 
Joshua Man Brotherhood: The purpose of the Joshua Man Brotherhood would be displayed in this space. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog's back.