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List of Church Organizations
The R.O.C.K.: To be provided 
Tom Carlton Youth & Young Adult Choir: TCC Mission:

To encourage Christian Living and Growth through the Ministry of the Gospel in Song

TCC Goal:

To set the atmosphere for worship and prepare the hearts of people to receive the Word of God

TCC Pledge:

To use our Spiritual Gifts for the upbuilding of the Kingdom and Body of Christ

Usherette Usher Board: The purpose of the Usherette Board is to attend to the needs of the worshippers on the second Sunday of each month. Also, one of our special activities are to provide snacks for Clifton Springs Elementary School fifth (5th.) grader for the CRCT test. 
Women Working for Christ: The Women Working for Christ Missionary promotes Christian Missions through a program of mission study, prayer, community mission and stewardship. Our goal is to become and help others become spiritually rooted and grounded in the Word by the spreading of the Gospel. 
Women's Ministry: To promote fellowship and unity among Christian women through programs and activities. To foster the spiritual growth of Beulah women by being a source of information and inspiration. To provide an opportunity for discipleship. 
Young Adult Ministry "FRESH": The purpose of the young adult ministry is to cultivate and educate young adults and empower them to become more learned members of the body of Christ, unite them in Christian faith, prepare them to participate in ministry, cultivate spiritual growth and encourage Godly relationships. This will foster spiritual formation, both internally and externally.

To Connect, Cultivate, and Commit the people of God to greater works in their calling and purpose. 
Youth Usher Board:
Purpose / Mission Statement

To unite, develop, educate and strengthen the skills of those that have accepted the challenge of person - to - person ministry within the Church. Full focus on the four pillars of the church (Doctrine, Evangelism, Stewardship and Fellowship) is a major part of the Usher Ministry