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The Longest Day – Alzheimer’s Awareness

June is Alzheimer’s Brain and Awareness Month.

  The Beulah Baptist Church Deaconess Board and the Beulah Community Family Life Center have planned a day of activities for the Longest Day in the year.    Please fellowship with and join us at the Beulah Community Family Life Center in honor and remembrance of our Deaconesses, Church and family members, friends and loved-ones.

Click HERE

to Register online, Join the Team, and Make a Donation

If you plan to participate in our walk-a-thons, you may walk for 6 minutes – 66 seconds; 16 minutes or longer.  Personal signs are permitted for you to walk with in honor, memory and support of your loved ones!

You may desire to make an online contribution or bring your donation to the walk site (FLC) in increments of $.66 or $6.60 representing every 66 seconds a person is diagnosed with the disease or $16.00 representing the number of daylight hours.

You may also bring toiletry donations to help with our shoe box project in support of Alzheimer’s patients in the Healthcare Facilities or simply join us to help increase Alzheimer’s Awareness.

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