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Victorious Virtual Church Update

Greetings, Beulah!

Four months after all activities on our church campus were cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus, the nation remains in a pandemic, and our church building remains closed.

“While we are uncertain when our church will be able to conduct in-person activities, we are certain that our God is able, and He continues to bless us through our virtual church,” said Pastor Jerry D. Black.

He added, “God has so many creative ways to bless us even in the midst of this Pandemic.”

All ministry-related events and activities previously approved and listed on the church calendar are considered cancelled. These cancellations include all church and facility rentals and weddings and receptions.

Pastor Black and the Executive Leadership team of the church encourage ministries to be creative in their efforts to remain the church in the virtual mode.

Ministries should now complete the Virtual Request form for a proposed virtual church event.  Once the form is submitted, the Church Business Administrator will communicate the request to the Executive Leadership Committee for approval.  The submitter of the form will be notified of the committee’s response to the request.  Approved events will be assigned to the PR team to assist with the coordination of the event.

The Executive Leadership Committee consists of the:

  • Pastor
  • Chair of the Deacon Board
  • Chair of the Trustee Board
  • Chair of the Finance Department
  • Chair of the Board of Directors

The Executive Leadership Committee asks all ministries to adhere to this process while the church remains in the virtual mode of operation. No in-person gatherings will be held at the church during this time.

On-Campus Access

On-Campus access is restricted to staff members, trustees, service providers, and members dropping off tithes and offerings during the designated times. During this limited access, face masks and social distancing are required per the guidelines of the CDC.

No random or unauthorized access is allowed. In the event a ministry is granted permission to access the church campus for any reason other than those indicated, CDC guidelines must be followed while on campus, including the wearing of masks, gloves, and observing social distancing.



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