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Key Church Contacts



Contact List
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Young Adult Ministry "FRESH"  Bro. Jerrod Owens Ministry       beulahfresh@gmail.com 
Family Assistance  Sis. Allesia Alexander Staff Coordinator  (404) 241-3307  1221  Beulah@BeulahBaptist.org 
Wedding Reservations  Sis. Debra Moore Staff Coordinator  (404) 241-3307  1221  Weddingcoordinator@BeulahBaptist.org 
Church Office Assistant  Bro. Morris Marshall Staff Assistant Office Manager  (404) 241-3307  1221  mmarshall@beulahbaptist.org 
Creative Services / Graphic Design  Sis. Sylvia Mitchell Staff Director  (404) 241-3307  1221  CreativeServices@beulahbaptis.org 
Culinary Ministry  Sis. Mildred Armestead Staff Director  (404) 241-3307  1221  memearms2@aol.com 
Office Manager  Sis. Allesia Alexander Staff Office Manager  (404)241-3307  1221  Beulah@BeulahBaptist.org 
Church Business Administrator  Dea. Nat Harris Staff Church Business Administrator  (404)241-3307  1221  nharris@beulahbaptist.org 
Pastor  Rev. Jerry D. Black Staff Pastor  (404)241-3307  1221  RevJDBlack@BeulahBaptist.org 
Church Data Entry Clerk  Carolyn Hance Staff Data Entry Clerk  (404) 241-3307  1222  To be Provided 
Board of Christian Education  Rev. Mark Seals Other Organization Min. of Christian Education  (404)241-3307  1224  RevMSeals@BeulahBaptist.org 
Minister of Pastoral Care  Rev. Laurence Parison Staff Minister of Pastoral Care  (404)241-3307  1225  RevLParison@BeulahBaptist.org 
Minister of Pastoral Care  Rev. Laurence Parison Ministry Minister of Pastoral Care  (404) 241-3307  1225  RevLParison@beulahbaptist.org 
Finance Department  Dea. Curtis Williams Other Organization Chairman  (404)241-3307  1227  CWilliams@bbcfinancedept.org 
Media Ministry  Dea. Ronnie Marshall Ministry Director  (404) 241-3307  1235  MediaMinistry@BeulahBaptist.org 
Church Counselor  Sis. Monique Gadson Staff Counselor  (404) 241-3307  1244  mgadson@beulahbaptist.org 
Church Office Manager  Sis. Allesia G. Alexander Staff Office Manager  (404) 241-3307  1248  Beulah@beulahbaptist.org 
Youth Department  Rev. Randolph Roach Other Organization Youth Minister  (404) 241-3307  1252  RevRRoach@beulahbaptist.org 
Secretary Board of Directors  Sis. Julia Edwards Staff Secretary Board of Directors  (404) 241-3307  1258  JEdwards@bbcfinancedept.org 
  Sis. Julia Edwards Staff Church Clerk  (404) 241-3307  1258  jedwards@bbcfinancedept.org 
Beulah Community Family Life Center  Anthony Watson Ministry Director  (678) 553-6039  N / A  awatson@beulahbaptist.org 
Church Clerk  Sis. Detrich Hurst Staff Clerk  (404) 381-4496  N / A  detrichhurst@bellsouth.net 
The Beulah Community Family Life Center  Anthony Watson Ministry Director  (678) 553-6039  N / A  AWatson@beulahbaptist.org 
Wedding Coordinator  Sisters: D. Moore and G. Thomas Ministry Wedding Coordinators  To be Provided  N / A  WeddingCoordinator@BeulahBaptist.org 
Women's Ministry  Sis. Kimberley Seals Ministry Secretary  (678) 360-7849  N / A  kimseals@comcast.net 
Board of Trustees  Dea. Nate Jackson Other Organization Chairman  (404) 234-2808  N / A  NJackson@BeulahBaptist.org 
Courtesy Guild / Event Planning  Sis. Detrich Hurst Mission Group Chairperson  (404) 381-4496  N/A  detrichjhurst@bellsouth.net 
Covenant Couples Ministry  Rev. & Sis. Jackie Robinson Ministry Directors  (404) 643-7759  N/A  jandhrobinson1@comcast.net 
Board of Deacons  Dea. Anthony Sims Ministry Chairman  (404)768-2083  N/A  deacons@beulahbaptist.org 
PR / Marketing  Christopher Hightower Ministry Director  (404) 234-4420  N/A  PR@BeulahBaptist.org 
Music Department  Bro. Chip Norman Other Organization Min. Of Music  (770) 808-6245  N/A  MusicDepartment@BeulahBaptist.org 
Children Church / Agape  Sis. Patricia Fickling Youth Department Director  (678) 523-0678  N/A  prfickling@gmail.com 
Publication Committee  Bro. Mike Moore Other Organization Chairman  To be provided  N/A  PR@BeulahBaptist.org 
Baby Dedication  Sis. Sharon Murray Staff Chairperson  (404) 244-1361  To be provided  sewmurray1@bellsouth.net 
Planning Council  Sis. Debra Moore Other Organization Chairperson  (404) 289-6561  To be provided  djmoore1@hotmail.com