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Annual Sunday School Christmas Program Instructions

The Sunday School Department wishes to thank those of you who have registered your children for this year’s Christmas program.

Listed below are the instructions developed to help make this year’s program a success.  Questions regarding the instructions will be answered during a zoom call that will scheduled for October 6, 2020.


Participant #: {If you do not know your participant’s number, please contact Sis. Carolyn Ballard, you can email her at:}

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s program will be conducted virtually.  In order to make the program a success, we need you to follow the instructions below and adhere to specified due dates.

Participants Recitation Videos

This year the recitations will be videotaped as opposed to being in-person.  This means that each participant must submit their recitation in a video format.  Listed below you will find the requirements for the video and information regarding the submission of a test video for evaluation purposes.

Video Requirements:

1. Only one person viewable per video.

2. Record the video in landscape orientation (horizontal).

3. If possible, use Zoom to record the video.

Zoom download

If you do not currently have zoom loaded on your PC or smart device, you may click the link below to download and install zoom.  This will position you to use zoom to record your recitation.

Click on this Link to download Zoom.

How to record a zoom video

If you need assistance in recording the video, please click the link below to view a video that will provide you with instructions to do so.

Click on this Link to view a tutorial!

Test Video

You are requested to record a “test” video and submit it for review by the media ministry.  If your video is not up to standards, a member of the media ministry will contact you.  If you are not contacted by anyone, it implies your test video was acceptable.

Test videos my be uploaded by clicking the link below.  Please use the following format to name your video when uploading it.

Format:  <b>X-FirstLastname</b>  X=your assigned participant # listed above | FirstLastname = your first and last name.

Example:  15-JohnDoe

Please read Psalm 100 for the test video and upload it using the link below.

Click on this Link to Upload your video

Please submit your test video by October 9, 2020.

Please reserve October 6, 2020 for a parent zoom meeting.  You will receive an email with the zoom link after the completion of the registration period.

Thanks, and have a blessed day

The Annual Sunday School Committee

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