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Meatless Mondays


Join the Challenge!

The Meatless Monday Challenge

What does that mean? It means “No Meat on Monday.”

Participants of the Meatless Monday Challenge will eat no meat for the entire day, 24 hours, each Monday

May 1st – June 30th




In addition to good health and weight loss, eating no meats helps to reduce your cholesterol level, to lower your blood pressure, to reduce the risk of heart disease, to reduce the risk of diabetes, and to improve kidney function.

Some good meat substitutes are tofu, cheese, vegetables, fruits, yogurt, nuts, mushrooms, and beans.

The Meatless Monday Health Challenge is sponsored by Beulah’s Health Resource Ministry (HRM).  Please  email the HRM at to participate in the Meatless Monday Challenge.

The Ministry will communicate with participants throughout the two-month Meatless Challenge to provide updates, recipes, and to hear how you are doing physically, mentally, and spiritually during the Challenge.




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