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Summer Camp Hiring

The Beulah Community Family Life Center is currently seeking individuals to work during this year’s 2024 Summer camp. The center is looking to hire a director and several camp counselors. All applicants will be required to pass a background check…

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The Beulah Exposure Program

2022 – 2023 Term! The Beulah Exposure Program (BEP) is a year-round curriculum that offers an opportunity for youth and young adults (ages 5 to 25) to participate in youth sports, STEAM, and educational activities that will provide a positive…

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The Beulah Community Family Life Center is now open to offer you, the members of our church and the community, a state-of-the-art facility with a fitness center, a full-court gym, a swimming pool, and other amenities. The center offers a…

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Covid-19: Are You at High Risk

The Beulah Community Family Life Center encourages everyone to stay healthy, safe and to follow the current guidelines in place by our state and local health professionals.  We want to especially ensure that our "Higher Risk populations" understand and are…

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Walking to a Healthier Life

WALKING - the simple act of moving one foot in front of the other. It’s free, it’s convenient, and it can greatly improve your health and quality of life. Despite the ease and convenience of walking, many of us fail…

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