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Board of Deacons

The primary role of the Board of Deacons is to promote peace, unity, teamwork and cooperation among church groups and members. Additionally they:

  • Are responsible for reviewing all proposals and recommendations prior to their submission to the Church Conference, except those submitted by the Trustee Board, Finance Department, and the Board of Directors.
  • Administers the benevolent funds of the church.
  • Are responsible for visiting as well as commune the sick and shut-in on a monthly basis.
  • Oversee the needs of the ministries of the church by serving as liaisons to the various ministries.

Contact The Board

Deacon NameAuxiliary AssignmentHome PhoneAlt PhoneE-Mail Address
Adams, Donald(404)
Anderson, Sr. MichaelIntercessory Prayer, Golden Eagles(770) 808-5574(770)
Arnold, Julian(770) 922-7259(404)
Baker, RonaldChoir President Council(770) 474-9962(404)
Brinkley, PercyChildren's Church, Joshua Men's Ministry(404)
Brittain, JimmieSacrifice Choir(404) 622-3017(404) 281-4019
Brooks, Anthony(678)
Brown, DennisChildren's Church, Courtesy Guild(770) 593-1944(678)
Brown, SilasJunior Deacons, Ministy for the Incarcerated(770) 898-9508(770)
Carlton, EugeneMinistry for the Incarcerated(770) 808-0430(678)
Carter, BrettJoint Usher Board, Tom Carlton Youth Choir(770) 505-3389(770)
Collins, DaleDance Ministry, Youth Department(404) 361-6177(404)
Cooper, AlonzoJoint Usher Board, Mother's Board #2(770) 981-0085(404) 641-5723
Crockett, Everett(404) 569-9161(770)
Davenport, RayCovenant Couples Ministry, Women's Ministry(404) 212-7769(404)
Edwards, CarlService Guild(770) 987-3581(770)
Everson, JamesGenie Jackson Circle, MADD Ministry(770) 938-9872
Giddens, Charles A.Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts(770) 507-4626(770)
Guest, JohnnyMother's Board #1(678) 292-6002(678) 644-5712
Harris, NatYouth Ushers(770) 469-0369(770)
Hawthorne, RobertCandy Stripers, Covenant Couples Ministry(404) 212-2508(404)
Hayes, CarnellJoint Usher Board(770) 482-3040(404)
Hayes, Harry(404) 212-2400(404)
Holloman, JosephWomen Working for Christ(404) 289-5978(404)
Hurst, CharlesAlfonza Campbell Choir, Lessie Cash Usher Board(404) 381-4496(404)
Jackson, EricNurses Guild, Open Hands Ministry(770) 987-7933(770),
Jackson, NathanielLessie Cash Usher Board, Nurses Guild(404) 288-0167(404)
Jackson, Rafael(404)
Jackson, WillieCourtesy Guild(770) 322-0614(770)
Johnson, Marvin(770)
Jones Jr, William Earl(678) 748-2145(678)
Jordan, James(770)
Kegler, RobertMother's Board #1(770) 918-1247
Key, AlvinE. D. Thomas Male Chorus, Odessa Carlton Usher Board(770) 478-7704(404)
King, AmosActivities Department(678)
King, RobertBoard of Christian Education(404) 344-0812(678) 676-2814
Lewis, Joe(678) 395-4665(302)
Maner, Winston(404)372-0454(404)
Maner, WinstonBoard of Christian Education, P.W. Elliott Choir(404) 371-0454
Marshall, RonaldCovenant Couples Ministry(404) 241-3307(404)
McGregor, PhilG. J. B. Minister Wives(678) 565-3885(678)
Moore, HaroldActivities Department(404) 289-6561(678)
Murray, Eberhardt(404) 244-7187(404)
Owens, Jerrod(678)
Owens, JimmyCandy Stripers, MADD Ministry, Sacrifice Choir(770) 498-4549(770)
Ragin, RodneyDance Ministry, Men's Day & Women's Day Committees. PR Marketiing(770) 593-3922(770)
Reid, Jr. LeroyInSync Ministry, Joshua Men's Ministry(404) 243-3157
Reynolds, D'arcy(205)
Ricks, JacquesMaggie Howard Circle, Mother's Board #1(404)
Robinson, SamuelJames Freeman Usher Board(404) 549-9629(404) 630-1478
Sanders, IdusP.W. Elliott Choir, Tom Carlton Youth & Young Adult Choir(404) 241-8658(404)
Scurlock, EarlHomeless Street Ministry, Mother's Board #1(770) 323-2943(404)
Seals, ClaytonDance Ministry, The Rock(404)
Sims, Anthony(770) 982-0436(678)
Smith, Arnold T.Homeless Street Ministry(404) 663-7780
Stapleton, EddieInSync Ministry, Male Usher Board(770) 968-6789(770) 896-6789
Stocking, OtisSacrifice Choir(404)
Swann, AlfredActivities Department, The Rock(404)
Thomas, Robert(404) 493-0651(404)
Todd, Andre'First Family Aide, J. D. Black Senior Choir, Male Usher Board(404) 289-2877(404)
Watkins, Early(770) 564-3196(404)
Williams, AndrewFirst Family Aide(404) 243-8176(404)
Williams, CurtisTom Carlton Youth & Young Adult Choir, Usherette Board(770) 469-4261(770)
Young, CharlesWorking Women for Christ, Youth Usher's(770) 507-8514(770)
Young, EdwardEvangelism Ministry(404) 346-0893(404)

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors  is the governing body of the church with fiduciaries responsibilities, alone with steering the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure the church has adequate resources to advance its mission.  These responsibilities include but is not limited to:

  • Performing all corporate matters subject to state and federal statutes or other functions delegated to it by the church conference.
  • Responsible for mortgaging and selling of all real and personal property of the church.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the church adheres to and complies with section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the ccorresponding provision of any future US Internal Revenue law.
  • Oversees the preparation of the Family Life Center.

To contact the Board :

Sister Dorothy Jenkins ,Chairperson
(404) 241-3307  X 1230

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the maintenance and management of all church’s real and personal properties; and the supervision of the Maintenance Manager.  They are also responsible for:

  • Managing the purchase of supplies and equipment, with the exception of those delegated to the Board of Directors.
  • Setting policy on decorum for the church building and campus.
Deacon Nathaniel Jackson ,Chairman
 (404) 241-3307  X 1230

Finance Department

The purpose of the Finance Department is to oversee the finances of the church, being good stewards over the Lord’s blessings, insuring that the church’s financial stability is maintained by spending wisely, efficiently and prudently protecting funds collected, recording the disbursement of funds, coordination the budget process, insuring that the church operates within the guidelines of the budget, along with compiling and maintaining reports and documents.  The department also works to maintain a strong and favorable financial standing to address the  business needs of the church.

Office Hours

Monday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 10:30 am – 7:30 pm
Thursday: 10:30am-5:00pm
Friday: Closed

The Finance Chairman is available by appointment, Tuesday thru Thursday, from 11:30 am – 6:00 pm.

Note:  The door to the administrative wing will not be opened after 5:00 pm.  All members should use the lower entrance to the Fellowship Hall to gain entrance to the Worship Center and the Finance Department office.

Finance Department Staff

Deacon Curtis Williams, Chairman
  (404) 241-3307 X 1227
Sister Dorothy Jenkins ,Vice Chair
  (404) 241-3307  X 1230
Carman Hickmon
  (404) 241-3307 X 1228
Annie Ramey
  (404) 241-3307 X 1257
Julia Edwards
  (404) 241-3307 X 1258
Harold Pitner, Data Input
  (404) 241-3307 X 1249

Planning Council

The Planning Council is a leadership organization composed of the leaders from all the ministries, mission groups, and other church organization.  The council is responsible for sharing information relative to the procedures, policies, and guidelines of the church.  In addition, it manages the church calendar and planning for the church anniversary.

SignUp for Council Alerts:  Click [here]

Activities Department


To promote and host numerous social and physical activities that will help any member restore or attain and maintain personal balance and health in his/her life

Health Resource Ministry

·         To focus on prevention and to promote a healthy lifestyle among members of our church.

·         To address health related issues within organizations, conferences and special events

·         To serve as a resource and educational component of our church to help our members reach their destiny toward a healthy lifestyle in order to serve effectively within our church

·         To support our pastor’s vision each year as given to him by Almighty God

For more information about the Activities Department, contact:

Dea. Al Swann
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