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Listed below for your information and use, you will find the guidelines relative to having a wedding at the Beulah Missionary Baptist Church.


  1. In order to have your wedding in the church’s Worship Center, either the bride or groom must be a member of the church.
  2. Members of the community and the church may reserve the church’s “Family Life Center” for their wedding.
  3. To confirm the date of your marriage, a signed “Preliminary Information Form” and deposit must be submitted, in person, to the church office.
  4. The bride and groom must complete all six (6) “Premarital” counseling sessions prior to the wedding date.
  5. The wedding party must use a church appointed Wedding Coordinator.
  6. All deposits are non-refundable.

You may download a copy of the Preliminary Information Form by {clicking here}.

Please note that the church offers the “Premarital” counseling sessions for both members and non-members of the church. You may obtain additional information on the counseling sessions by calling 404-241-3307, ext 244.

If you have any questions relative to scheduling a wedding at the church, please contact the church office at 404-241-3307.

If you wish to contact a “Wedding Coordinator”, you may submit an email to:

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