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Beulah Missionary Baptist Church values Christian Education and we invite all families to join us for an hour of fellowship and fun. We offer Sunday School classes for all ages.


Bring the whole family!  View our Sunday School Classes [click here]!

Adult Classes

Young Adult Class – F.R.E.S.H. –Focus, Relevant, Expectant, Spirited, and Heaven Bound

The Young Adults FRESH Class is an adult class which consists of both men and women between the ages 19 to 35. These young adults consist of a mixture of high school graduates, college students, single and married adults. The bible study focuses on life application for young adults in today’s culture and the challenges they are facing in achieving successful living thru the message of Christ. The aim of the class directs the student into the Word with everyday conversation, current events, while still providing spiritual aspects of day to day living. It connects to the culture and helps with the growth and development of young people.

Cornelia Moore Bible Class

The Cornelia Moore Bible Class is an adult class offered to men and women, ages 35 and up. Married and single adults also attend this class. It is also comprised of ministers, deacons, and co-ed leaders. Unique to this class’s membership are children of its members between the ages of 19 and up. Historically, this class has consisted of mostly the Mothers of the Church. Final remarks and close out of the lessons are presented by the ministers and deacons. Also, an effort is made to ensure that the “point of view” from the youngest male and female student in the class is always presented.

Eula Seals Bible Class #1

The Eula Seals Bible Class is an adult co-ed class from ages 35 and up, both married and single adults. This is a bible study class which teaches the lesson but has a mission of identifying new teachers for the Sunday School. Historically, this class was established as a teacher preparation class and the initial design was a teachers’ class teaching teachers to teach the lesson. Material is provided for a substitute teacher which can be used for who may be absent that day. This class is a combination of Bible Class #1, Senior Adults, and Eula Seals Teachers Training.

Ernestine Smith Bible Class #2

The Earnestine Smith Bible Class is an adult class consisting of men and women, ages 35 and up, married and single adults. This is the second largest bible class. The class focus is always tied to the lesson aim with pertinent bible facts that are relevant to Christian living. The students are always engaged in the lesson by use of object lessons and practical life applications. The challenge is to apply what is taught to what is learned and demonstrate by living and giving.

W. C. Kimble Bible Class

The W.C. Kimble Bible Class consist of a diverse group of both men and women, ages 35 and up, married and single adults. This class fosters intimacy and seeks to challenge the students with bible history, expository and life application. The class is comprised of preachers, deacons and church leaders, also focusing on applying the lessons to practical living. It seeks to reach out to the unemployed and the highly skilled; seasoned saints and new believers by engaging in testimonies and life application. It also seeks to nourish students where they are on their Christian journey while at the same time challenging the students as disciples.

Thomas Smith Men’s Bible Class

The Thomas Smith Bible Class is an adult class for men, ages 35 and up, both married and single. This class is comprised of deacons, ministers and laymen of the church and constantly examines the traditional male role point of view as applied to the bible teaching and principles of God’s Word. They examine each Sunday the posture of the role that was created by God for men and seek to ensure that men understand their position in the home, the church, and community thru bible study.

Ron Osler Bible Class

The Ron Osler Bible Class is an adult class consisting of both men and women, ages 35 and up, married couples and single adults. Historically, this class was designed for college students but after the students graduated from college they remained in the class. The aim of this class is to seek Christ thru bible study and live and learn His ways. The class consists of seasoned saints and new believers and is also comprised of deacons, preachers and both male and female lay leaders. The class seeks to provoke the students to search the bible based on what is taught each Sunday and peak their curiosity to study more.

Glenda J. Black Women’s Bible Class

The Glenda J. Black Women’s Bible Class is an adult class for women, ages 35 and up, married and single. The class examine the roles of women as wives, mothers, living single, working outside the home, homemakers, and single parents. The class seeks to provide a biblical perspective using today’s challenges for Christian living and many other issues challenging today’s Christian woman. The bible study focuses on how to apply the Word of God in daily living and what God says to women about their unique situations. This class consists of a diverse group of women including seasoned saints and new believers.

Sanctuary Bible Class

The Sanctuary Bible Class is the largest adult coed class in the Sunday School. The class meets in the sanctuary and consists of ages 18 to 70 plus for both married and single adults. The class is comprised of seasoned saints, new believers and visitors. The class was developed to capture those persons who remain from the first worship services as well as persons who arrive early to the second worship service. The bible study aim is to enlist students in the consistent study of the bible. This very large diverse group represents a cross section of the general church congregation and the class focuses on ensuring all persons are engaged in study during the Sunday school hour and the “waiting room” concept is filled with service by teaching and learning.

Classes For Children

Mary Sims Beginners Class

The Beginners Class, ages 3 to 5 years of age, serves to introduce students to Jesus Christ as Savior. This class makes sure the children have an awareness of Jesus Christ by providing a spiritual and solid foundation that promises to be beneficial as well as valuable to them while engaging those using appropriate demonstrations and methods. The lessons are presented in a storytelling and role playing format so they can grasp the message and learn to apply it to their daily lives. The setting is designed to stimulate the interest of small children with posters and colorful bulletin boards. This class is the foundation class and communicates regularly with the parents to inform them of what their children are being taught by reviewing the lessons from the previous week to aid in remembering people, words and places in the Bible.

Primary Ages 6-8

The Primary Class seeks to teach basic Christian principals to children with Bible reading and examples. The goal is to build on the foundation and biblical principle of training up a child in the “way they should go.” The class mission is to present Jesus Christ to the students in a practical learning environment as well to help them to know and trust Jesus as their Savior. Lessons are presented from a biblical and life application perspective so students will know how to apply the Word of God and develop spiritual insights as well as how to conduct themselves as a Christian in a variety of environments. The class seeks to provide ways to demonstrate how the worship the Lord Jesus Christ and the importance of His Word to their lives. It also attempts to prepare the student for godly living by teaching prayers, bible verse memorization, reading the bible and helping students learn they are secure in Jesus in all walks of life.

Junior Boys and Girls – Ages 9-12

The Junior Boys and Girls class is designed to share and reinforce God’s plan for their lives. It also serves as a guide so they can view themselves as active members of God’s family. Lessons are tailored to encourage juniors to participate in group discussions by allowing them to provide real life examples on how they can apply the lessons to their lives. Students are challenged to grow in their relationships with God by consistently having daily devotions, scripture memorization, and prayer. This class also addresses some challenges of pre-teens and peers as Christians.

Intermediate – Ages 13-15

The Intermediate Class encourages the process of developing the spiritual growth of the student in areas such as discipleship and stewardship. The class also serves to assist the students in discovering who they are and whose they are in Christ. It also addresses some of the challenges of becoming teenagers as they examine their Christian walk. The major mission of this class is to prepare the students for a lifelong spiritual journey through the application of God’s Word.

Senior Co-Ed Ages 16-18 /High School Graduate

The Senior Co-Ed class is dedicated to the transition of Christian growth and spiritual maturity in teenagers as they seek to cultivate and maintain a relationship with Christ. This class challenges teenagers to always remain aware of who they are in Christ and what the Word of God says about their devotion to Him. The students are encouraged to express their values and how the Bible is meaningful to them as well as how it applies to their lives as teenagers emerging into adulthood.

The class seeks to create a healthy Christian environment for students to discuss real issues and struggles which impact their lives. This safe space allows students to learn and grow from one another through the use of lecture, discussion forums, and illustrative learning within a Christian context. The class is energetic and fosters a non-judgmental environment, promoting good and healthy dialogue relating to everyday life. The class provides a spiritual foundation for the youth as they prepare to go from youth to young adults.

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